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How To Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home: Seven Methods To Trap Them Before They Get In.

If you are in need of turning your home mouse free you have to read one as this article offers seven methods you can trap mouse before they get in.

The first method involves reducing point of entry. When you want a mouse free home you should start by reducing points of entry. This is because where there is no way in you can be sure you will have less struggles getting them out. Eliminating points of entry such as cracks in walls or the foundation, gaps around doors and windows, and small openings around pipes can be challenging. This is because mice are very small and they can squeeze through narrow spaces and no space should be left as it was done to eliminate rats in the attic.

One should also make sure that they practice good sanitation all the time. Maintaining good sanitation is very important and a key to pest control. Good sanitation will always keep mice away and at the same time poor sanitation will attract them into your home and also maintain rats in the attic. You should make sure you do not leave around any food left overs as this is what keep the mouse going. Always store food in airtight containers and sweep the floors. And make it a habit to keep your garbage in secure containers.
Bait stations in another method you can use. Bait stations can be very effective at getting rid of mice, yet should only be handled by trained pest management professional and kept out of reach of pets and children and.

You can also try using mouse traps. The most common way most people deal with mice inside their home is with the use of mouse traps places at strategic points like the rats in the attic. The use of mouse traps was one of the ways used to eradicate rats in the attic. There occur so many types of traps that you can use which range from wooden traps, glue traps among others.

Make sure the inside and outside of your home is always tidy at all times. A mouse always want a place they can hide in at all times. Because mice are always small, it is very hard for one to notice them. Make sure your lawn is always mowed and weeds are minimum. This goes a long way toward destroying areas for mice to nest. This way will always be effective and has always been effective as it can also be used to reduce rats in the attic.

One can also opt to keep a cat to keep mice away. One of the best natural deterrents for mice is to own a cat. These are some of the effective ways one can use to keep rats away. This method is very effective as it is natural.